Could This Tibetan Monk Ritual Trigger Massive Weight Loss? (And Make You Look 20 Years Younger?)

Recent brain scans of a Tibetan monk who fasted for over 30 years have left nutritionists in shock, changing everything they knew about weight loss and aging.
These scans revealed that there is a special substance in the human body which is activated when you do not eat for at least 24 hours…
And once activated it can make you lose weight 7x faster than any diet and make your brain, liver, kidneys, skin and muscles younger by up to 20 years.
Now, a group of Nobel Prize winning scientists have made an experiment in which they managed to activate this substance by tricking the brains of the subjects’ into thinking they were fasting while eating their favorite foods.
Researchers were stunned to see how people in the study were losing pound after pound while eating pizza, pasta, burgers, steak and drank coke and beer.
The best part is that anyone can now activate this special substance from the comfort of their home.

Don’t believe it? See it for yourself here!

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